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Thread: Moderator Recruitment.

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    I didn't ask for this!!
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    Don't ask.

    Moderator Recruitment.

    As we are starting to improve the current state of the forum we have the obvious and clear need to recruit one moderator to assist us with minor things while we continue to develop our boards, etc.

    Requirements are simple.

    - At least able to check the forum for 30 minutes every day (forum activity required is subject to change in the future so someone able to spend more time eventually is needed).

    - Previous experience as moderator/managing the basics with vBulletin forums (even better if you are a former mod at our sister forums)
    We do not have the luxury to start training people from zero. Sorry if you are in that position but there's no such thing as Test Moderator at moment.
    Note: Do not apply if you hold a staff position in our sister forums.

    - Proficient english
    Not perfect but be able to communicate with us and the community.

    - Availability
    Being able to reach you somewhere if we need your presence and being able to offer a decent response time.

    - Creative
    As i mentioned above we are building our forums so someone able to suggest/think/help/observe will be welcome with open arms.

    - Being active in game.
    This has nothing to do with your duties as moderator but someone that is playing the game in a daily basis will be able to guide and help the community in a more accurate manner than someone that logs once a week.

    If you are interested send me a private message with the following format and information.

    Your real name:
    In game name(s):

    Languages you speak:

    Where are you from:

    * Time zone:

    ** Contact info:

    State what kind of experience do you have:

    Why do you want to become a moderator:
    * Use GMT +0 to tell us your timezone.
    Example: Living somewhere which time is 8 hours beyond than +0 would be GMT +8 for you and/or living 4 hours behind would be GMT -4

    ** Tell us where are you available mostly.
    This might not be compatible with us but if we are interested in you, we will certainly arrange something to communicate.

    Use this thread to ask anything related to the topic.
    Remember that you will volunteer to moderate our forum and there's no payment for the position so if you are here in order to get any kind of personal benefit better press [x] on your browser.

    The application process and this thread will be closed as soon we consider that there are enough applications or someone worthy for the position.

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    PM sent @Cortana

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    I didn't ask for this!!
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    Jul 2017
    Don't ask.
    We will pick our new moderator soon, thanks to those that applied.
    There are quite decent and good applications but we have to pick one only so the others be asked to join later on once the forum starts growing.

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