Welcome to RiseMU Season 2 Classic + S6 Features!

  • Version: Season 2 + S6 Features
  • Experience: 3x
  • Drop Rate: 20%
  • Max Level: 400
  • Max Reset: Non Reset Server
  • Max Item Level: +13 | +16 | Max 2 Excellent Options
  • Items: All Original WZ Upto Season 2 Items
  • Heroes: BK | DL | MG | SM | ELF
  • Jewels Success Rate: Default Retail
  • Chaos Goblin Success Rate: Default Retail
  • WZ Events: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Lucky Coin, CryWolf, Kanturu & Weekly Castle Siege
  • Custom Events: Last Man Standing, Dungeon Race, Jewel Bet & Trivia
  • Expanded Inventory: YES
  • Expanded Warehouse: YES
  • New Jewel Mix Support: YES
  • MU Helper: YES | Starting Level 10 - Cost: 5k Zen per 5 minutes
  • All Original Buff: YES
  • /post YES - Cost: 5 PC Points | Free until level 50
  • /clearpk YES - Cost: 50 PC Points
  • /ecoinstozeny - Exchange Ecoins to Zen | Value: 1 Ecoins = 2mil zen
  • /pcpointstozeny - Exchange PC Points to Zen | Value: 10 PCP = 1mil zen ( Under Construction )
  • Server 1 : NON PVP
    * Devias Map Monitary for Personal Store - Ecoins
    * type /authcredits "10 digit master key" to start selling/buying using personal store via ecoins.
  • Server 2: NON PVP
  • Server 3: PVP
  • International Server

  • 4 Digit Auth Key: 4 Digits Key that can only encoded through mouse click.
  • Character Trade & Personal Store Logs: All Trades are logged and viewable on website account management
  • Points Logs: All Points Activity are logged and viewable on website account management.
  • Asst Guild Master Special Role: Assistant Guild Master is able to Accept or Kick members.
  • Master Lock: Lock System in game for pilot protection.
  • Advanced MuGuard Anti Cheat System: 1 of the best anti cheat around for Mu Online

RiseMU is your total MU ONLINE Classic experience with the best select features of advance seasons! This Server is born out of passion, dedication & love to the game. A lot of time and countless effort was put to this server to make sure that we bring out the best!

Our goal is to bring back the true spirit of Mu Online combined with the perfect game play, features and experience that the old days never had... It’s truly a classic feeling with lots of fixes, features & add-ons, A unique classic server that will give you ultimate experience in Mu Online!

This Specially Coded Mu Online Classic will totally give you the BLAST FROM THE PAST! We guarantee total fun, diversity, unique experience and GREAT COMMUNITY!

RiseMU is International Server, We welcome every player from any nation!

We are a dedicated team who has more than 10 years of experience hosting Mu Online & Serving its Community, In those years we have never failed to set high standards on our Server and we still remain 1 of the best and 1 of the oldest successful server that is still around!

Combined with the best team is the brilliant Developer of MuEngine who is hands on with the server from top to bottom making sure everything are flawless and give you endless content in game!

RiseMU Team is Committed to Serve you with great dedication & passion ensuring another successful long term server around!