We have now enabled our donation system, Please be reminded that this server will only have buffs & consumable items for donation in cash shop. Server will never sell any items like sets, weapons or jewels, If you see anyone selling items for real money then its called Real Money Trade (RMT) and this is strictly forbidden! anyone caught doing RMT (Seller & Buyer) will be banned permanently

All Buffs has duration timer and the timer stops when you are offline so dont worry about having vacation

Please check the buffs guide and duration here: Donation Buffs & Consumables

We Currently Accept Paypal & Money Agents for donation.

To Donate using paypal please login on our website www.risemu.com and click " Donate Ecoins "

For Money Agent Donation We Accept:

Western Union
ML Kwarta Padala
Cebuna Lhulier
Palawan Express
LBC Pera Padala
Xoom Money Transfer

Send Donation To :

Name: Jennifer A. Valenzuela
Address: Antipolo, Philippines
Zip: 1920

After sending donation please email [email protected] with ff details:

Sender Name:
Sender Address:
Amount Sent:
Money Control Code:
Photo of Receipt:

Because our money agent is based on Philippines we are accepting flate rate of 45 PHP per 1$ for Philippine user because we will less and handle the fee for sending donation.

For international Dollar donations you can send as straight Dollar or Peso Currency with said above rate.

For large orders discount offer please email [email protected]

Value : 1$ = 40 Ecoins