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Thread: Game Rules

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    Game Rules

    Welcome to Rise MU!

    To ensure that all players have fun, we have created a set of rules to be followed by everyone. No exceptions.

    1. You are responsible for your account. We have provided all players with numerous account security features and it is your responsibility to use them. Any account loss issues due to negligence will most likely be turned down as invalid.

    2. Respect players and staff alike while within the community. While some trash talk may be allowed, do not insult religion, sex, family, preferences or anything that is too personal.

    3. Impersonation of a staff member will get you banned right away. Do not claim you are a staff member even as a joke.

    4. Bug abuse and cheating will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If you prove cooperative by reporting the bug or surrendering the cheating software, your punishment may be reduced. This is at the discretion of the attending seniors, however.

    5. Advertising other servers, hack pages, phishing or anything of the sorts is not permitted. Violating this rule will get you banned with no questions asked.

    6. While the rules are short and to the point, they cover a great deal of general cases. Some cases may not be covered by these rules, in which case it will be up to the attending seniors to make a decision.

    7. These rules may be updated at any time. This included adding and removing rules without prior notice.

    That is all.

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    I didn't ask for this!!
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    Don't ask.
    Regarding RMT (Short for Real Money Trade/ing) and any kind of external trade.

    A: As the players control the game economy on their own you are allowed as player to trade RiseMU item(s) for any kind of fictional/real currency/item(s) and vice versa.

    B: However we cannot control the environment of your trades, we are not the CIA so you are on your own, if something goes wrong you are and you will be alone so be smart and aim to trade with trustable people, how you can define if someone is trustable ?
    Again that's up to you.

    B.2: We can bend this rule if the proofs are enough for us, again no promises but if there's good evidence believe us that we will act, however our rule here is absolute if we decide to aid we will aid you and if not that's the end of the case.
    By doing this kind of trade you automatically acknowledge this.

    Updated on September 24, 2017

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