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Thread: RiseMU Looking for GM

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    RiseMU Looking for GM


    As you have noticed RiseMU is now growing fast and we thank you all for the support and we hope that you help us make us grow bigger by sharing our server to your friends or anywhere online, spread them the good news, them about our wonderful server, This is your home server guys and you must be proud

    This being said RiseMU is looking for a Responsible Game Master who can help us assist players, create wonderful events, share some great ideas and all.

    Being Game Master is not easy as some might thought, we need someone responsible and up for the task put in hand, we offer no items or any sort of payments to Game Masters its their pure dedication to the server that gives them will to serve.

    For Applicants Here are the requirements:

    1. Must have level 200+ Character in game (to ensure that you know the economy and system of our game)
    2. Must know how to speak English, Multi Language is of course always a plus!
    3. Must know how to deal or entertain players, we dont want robots who just copies and paste everything from forum or web, we want someone who can engage with players and understand them well.
    4. Must have their own Computer & Internet, Sorry but we cannot risk having someone in team that is using public computers that may get hacked or hijack that may compromise our server.
    5. Must know how to use most chat comms like Discord, Skype etc. | Having a Viber or Contact Number is a PLUS!

    Other requirements might be asked through interview

    All applicants must send their application to :
    [email protected]

    1. In Game Character Name:

    2. Character Level:

    3. Character Class:

    4. Interest: PVP or PVE

    5. GM Experience:
    * Server Name
    * Server Info & Rates
    * Duration being GM

    6. Country Location:

    7. Time Zone:

    8. Age:

    9. Language:

    10. Why should we choose you as RiseMU GM?

    Thank You,
    RiseMU Admin

    Don't Imitate, Just Innovate!

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    oh and whats your favorite dish?

    /locked and will be updated accordingly

    Please send all applications to : [email protected]


    Don't Imitate, Just Innovate!

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