While the Rise MU forum is free for anyone to use, and we encourage people to provide feedback and participate, there are some rules that must be followed in so we do not let chaos settle.

The rules are fairly simple, but may change at any point in time.

1. General Behaviour Rules

1a. Show respect to fellow members and staff members. We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Don't be racist, sexist or anything similar.

1b. Do not impersonate or misrepresent(spread rumours) about people, regardless of them being members of this community or not.

1c. If you have a disagreement with a staff member, feel free to take it up with their seniors. If you have an issue with a Moderator, contact a Lead Moderator. For an issue with a Game Master, contact a Head Game Master. For an issue with a Head Game Master or Lead Moderator, contact the Administrator or Community Manager respectively.

2. Posting Rules

2a. Please post according to topic and remember that quality is better than quantity. We have special sections such as the Spam Zone, where you may go off-topic as you see fit. The rest of the forum is covered by this rule however, and any threads started there will be about that particular topic alone.

2b. Do not, under any circumstance, post obscene/pornographic/disturbing material on this forum. There are kids browsing these forums, and we do not wish to expose them to such images. What is considered obscene is at the discretion of the forum moderators.

2c. Please use English at all times. Some foreign words are allowed if needed to get a point across, but we are a multinational community, and the one language we all have in common is English. We have special foreign community sections which you can use as you desire to speak in your native language.

2d. Promoting illegal substances such as drugs, alcohol and illegal practices such as prostitution, child abuse and so on it not allowed, and will be dealt with according to the severity of the case. The majority of users on this forum are teenagers, and everyone should keep that in mind before discussing adult topics.

2e. Posting referral links to websites in which you stand to gain is allowed as long as you clearly state that this is a referral link and what you will gain from it. Attempting to hide such link or not mentioning that the link is a referral will get it deleted and you may suffer some extra consequences for it.

3. Market Rules

3a. Do not use the forums to sell/buy real life items or services. There are better places to do that than here.

4. Signature Rules

A signature is the area underneath a user's post that may be customised at will. While we understand that you wish to express yourself within that area, there are some limitations so that visiting the forum does not become an eyesore. Should you ever not understand the signature rule, or are unsure whether or not your signature follows the rules, please contact a forum moderator or ask in the Help Section.

4a. You may only have one Signature Image at any one time. Signature image sizes are 450px wide by 250px high at a maximum size.

4b. You may have 2 userbars or 4 lines of text at any one time. You may also opt for 1 userbar and 2 lines of text. Maximum userbar size is 450px wide by 30px high and maximum font size in a signature is 2.

5. Miscellaneous Rules

5a. Whilst the rules of the forum are presented in this thread, moderators may bend them on a case to case basis. This means that if you do something that is not technically against the rule, with the appropriate reasons and proof, a moderator may bend the rule to suit the situation.

5b. These rules may be changed by the Admin, Community Manager and Lead Moderators at any point in time with no warning. A post notifying of an update will be made in this thread as well as a force read for everyone. There will be no excuse such as "I didn't read the rules."

These are all the rules that the community currently operates in.